Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teeny Tutorial: DIY Pressed Flower Frames with Esther from Wholly Kao

Happy Spring! I'm Esther from whollyKao, and I'm excited to be guest posting on Pamplemousse! Today's I'm going to show you how to make your own pressed flower frames. It's a great way to preserve flowers from bouquets, or the pretties from your back yard.


For this project, you're going to need:
-picture frames (the size is up to you)
-dried flowers (I used flowers from the back yard and pressed them inside heavy books for a couple weeks) -gel medium (or Mod Podge/glue)
-a small paintbrush
-Thick card stock (**A great alternative to using plain card stock is to paint the page with watercolors first. Then you'd have a lovely and subtly color to complement your flowers.)

Step one Cut your card stock to the same size as the glass in your picture frames.

I got these rustic-looking frames at the Canton Market over here in Texas. But I'm sure you can find some great ones in thrift stores or yard sales.  

two Assemble your flowers before gluing.

It's a good idea to plan out what you want to do before you first. I played around with different flower arrangements, laying them on top of my cut card stock until I was happy with a setup. I took a picture on my phone to use as reference for later.  

three Glue! Use your small paint brush to put the adhesive on the back side of the flowers. It's best to put the flowers on top of a paper towel so that the glue doesn't get everywhere.

I used an acrylic gel medium, because that's what I had at home. You can also use Mod Podge, Tacky Glue or even Elmer's. The paint brush gives you great control, especially if you're working with small flowers.


four It's time to adhere your flowers to your card stock! Do this layer by layer and make sure to press down on all areas of the flower after you've laid it on the card stock. This is when that pic you took in Step two comes in handy.


five Let the glue dry, then place the card stock into its frame. You're done! Now go hang up your frames and enjoy!


  1. This is such a beautiful DIY, i love it.
    something i will try out.


  2. That's a great idea. I started pressing flowers with a really basic press [with the wood breaking in two before even being used it was that cheap] and I never really knew what to do with the flowers afterwards. I love this idea and how you can build up a design.

  3. Hi sweet lady! I found your blog via I love you to the moon, and I'm SO GLAD that I did! I'm your newest follower. xoxo

  4. I've often wondered what was the "magic" in keeping the flowers in place. And now I know...Matte Gel! Thanks for the simple and chic decorating tip! {curtsy}
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  5. i have been looking for something like this. thank you!

  6. I really love the composition you used for your flowers. Great work!

  7. How cool is that! I've never seen dried flowers used in that way. Now I want to try my own artwork and make some for above my bed! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. SO pretty! I want to do this project, it is so lovely!

  9. beauty-full!:-)

    thanks for letting us see:-)


  10. How did you dry the "wishing flower" aka dandelion with some of the seed/ petal/ fuzzy part? I have a love of thoes flowers & have some painted on my wall.

  11. Love this! I'm with Kate, the dried "wishing flower" is amazing.

  12. It isn't a wishing flower. Since I can't really see it up close I can only take a guess at its name but it looks either to be Queen Ann's Lace or a related species. I know this because we had to do a flower pressing project for my botany class and I had three different species of this flower in my final project. It is a common weed that grows in rocky abandoned fields or by the side of roadways. What you see going off of the center aren't individual seeds but are rather green or brown stemy bits that hold several seeds on each tip. It does however give a better impression when dried of a wishing flower than a wishing flower does though. Happy Hunting :-)

  13. I love how simple and elegant these pressed flowers look in the frames! I've featured this project as part of a roundup on my blog: http://jadeandfern.com/2013/04/22/monday-finds-a-rejuvenating-earth-day/.

  14. The pictures are fabulous! I love the frame :)

  15. These are gorgeous. I love the whole idea, and I am obsessed with the frames! I tried to google the frames but no luck! any leads on how to find these frames?


  16. the name of the makers are in one of the photos :)

  17. We haven’t been able to find our flower press since our last move…now I’m inspired to make one of these with the kids instead of waiting for the old one to show up! Portable is always good on the nature hike days. Wonderful. :)
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